Urology and surgical nephrology


A brief history

The Department of Urology and Surgical Nephrology  was founded in 1962 by Professor Solomon D. Goligorskhii and then transformed in the  urology course and is headed by associate professor Vladimir C.Punga (1965-1971). In 1971, the department was reorganized again and was headed  by associate professor  Anna Axelrod until  1974. From 1974  to 2001, the head of department was associate professor Michael Bîrsan, MD, Honoured Doctor, President of Moldovian Society of Urologists.

Since 2001 Professor Adrian Tanase is the head of Urology and Surgical Nephrology Department.

Remarkable personalities in urology such as: Nicholas Nacu, MD, Naum Bogomolnîi, associate professor PhD., Michael Chiroşca, MD, Ivan Mast, PhD, A.Caţîf,associate professor,Phd, Afanasie Tetradov, MD, Boris Sasu, MD, Arcadia Sapojnicov, MD,have worked in the Urology and Surgical Nephrology Department during its existence.

The staff of departament have implemented most diagnostic and treatment methods used in urology and nephrology, including the first hemodialysis in renal failure (1963), peritoneal dialysis (1963), hemocarboperfusion (1981), renal transplantation (1962) extracorporeal shoc wave lithotripsy, various surgery methods for urinary tract, including plastic and reconstructive thehnics. Recently  the department staff have implemented a number of contemporary methods of endourological surgery, which are widely used in urological practice – TUR-U, TUR-P, TUR-V, uretheroscopy and ureterolithecstraction,ultrasound guided percutaneous nephrostomy, ultrasoun guided renal cyst puncture, laparoscopic cystectomy.In the nearest future  other modern methods of treatment  (Percutaneus Nephrolithotomy, flexible ureteroscopy, laparoscopic nephrectomy, etc..) will be implemented.

The staff of  Urology and Surgical Nephrology Department have made  significant contribution to the process of teaching and  training of  undergraduate and graduate specialists  in: urology,  surgical nephrology, andrology and  sexual medicine. Department has initiated the founding of Moldova Urology Society, an NGO that has consolidated all urologists and nephrologists specialists in organizing national and international scientific events.