Urology and surgical nephrology


International collaboration

The from Department of  Urology and Surgical Nephrology have attended various international conferences with a series of reports and scientific publications in the field.

Department of  Urology and Surgical Nephrology have a collaboration with Departments of Urology from Medical University of Timisoara, Tirgu Mures, Bucharest, Iasi and Cluj (Romania), Centre for Transplantation Coordination of Bergamo (Italy), Organ transplantation clinic  from Sent Liuc hospital (Belgium) and the European Society of Urology (Amsterdam).

In the last 5 years Urology and Nephrology surgery department was visited by many famous people in the field:

  1. Professor Constantin Gurevich, Russia, Saint Peteburg, Institute for Continuing Medical Education
  2. Professor Valeriu Pilotovici, Minsk, Belarusian Academy of Postgraduate
  3. Professor A.Kamalov, Head of Department of Urology, University M.Lomonosov, Moscow, Russia
  4. Professor Viorel Bucuraş, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara
  5. Professor Florin Miclea, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara
  6. Professor Gheorghe Bumbu, Oradea
  7. Professor Ioan Coman, Cluj-Napoca
  8. Professor Radu Boja,Târgu-Mureş
  9. Professor Viorel Tode, Constanţa
  10. Dr.Benjamin Hardak, Israel
  11. Professor A.Jernov, Moskova
  12. Professor Victor Sagatovici, Odesa, Ukraina
  13. Dr.Nelly Kotulevici Harkhov, Ukraina
  14. Professor Jean-Paul Squiflett, Belgia
  15. Evgeny Efremov, Chef  of Andrology and Reproductive Health Department, Russia
  16. L.Rostăng, Clinical Professor of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation, Toulouse, France